Join Us!

Interested in singing with us? Tapestry Singers is a wonderful mix of professional, highly skilled amateur, and aspiring singers. All voices are welcome. To arrange an informal audition for the upcoming semester, please contact us by September 1, 2021.  

Along with the fun of learning new and challenging music together, our members know that we are singing and raising money to benefit deserving students, helping them to further their career in music. The simple process to join includes an informal audition with our Music Director to check voice range and music-reading skills. Our singers have a variety of backgrounds in musical training. We commit to practicing outside the weekly rehearsals to learn our music.

Join Tapestry Singers

Here’s what you need to know:

January-June 2021 — Maine Bicentennial Concert

We will be prepping music to record as virtual projects with the possible endgame of Maine Bicentennial Concerts on June 5 and 6. If concerts are not possible, the silver lining will be to improve our tone, intonation, and part independence. 


Project #1 I Will Bow and Be Simple 

This beautiful, simple Shaker hymn will ease us into technology with an audio-only recording that will be used as the soundtrack to a slideshow of prints and paintings that depict early Shaker life. Try not to be afraid or anxious about recording. We’ll have helpers for you!

Project #2 Vum Vive Vum

We will make a presentation something more engaging than the typical virtual choir “Brady Bunch” youtube videos. This is a lively example of a Shaker dance song—a style of traditional singing where nonsense words are used to mimic the sounds of an instrument or the rhythms of a dance. 

Projects in Percolation

We will work our way through the rest of the more difficult 4-part pieces on the concert program. Each recording project will have a different focus, yet to be determined.


Monday, January 25 7:00-8:00ish

First Zoom Meeting: Socialize/Vocalize and introduction to the Virtual Projects

Mondays thereafter 7:00-8:00ish Rehearsals/Zoom Meetings

Here’s what we ask of our members:

  • Be punctual for rehearsals, logged in and ready to go at 7PM
  • Spend time as needed outside of rehearsal to learn your notes well so rehearsals can focus on tone, dynamics and creating a really beautiful blend