Vibrant ConcertsClassic and CurrentEmotions Flow through the MusicJoy in Song

Vibrant Concerts

Eclectic and unusual arrangements both warm and challenge the sensibilities of our singers and audiences.

Classic and Current

A range of musical selections offers something for everybody, from classical to more modern choral music.

Joy in Song

Emotions Flow through the Music

The chorus truly is a tapestry, a closely-woven community of people who care about each other and who love to sing.

Join Us!

Interested in singing with us? Tapestry Singers is a wonderful mix of professional, highly skilled amateur, and aspiring singers. All voices are welcome. To arrange an informal audition for the upcoming semester, please contact us by September 1, 2021.  


Thank you for your interest in donating!  We appreciate your generosity and support. In these challenging times, performing arts groups need your support more than ever to stay afloat.  Your contribution will help significantly as we have lost three concerts worth of revenue.


January – June 2021 Tapestry Singers prepped music this semester with hopes of performing in June. Since we can’t perform in front of an audience yet, stay tuned for news about our “projects” from this semester which will be released online when production is done. The Maine Bicentennial Celebration concert honors as many cultures as…


Whether front and center as a member of Tapestry Singers, or behind the scenes helping with concerts or special projects, we’d love your help!