Student Awards

Congratulations to 2023 Tapestry Singers award winners Ava Nery and Matthew Long. One of Tapestry Singers’ stated charter purposes is to foster interest in and understanding of choral music among students in its community. To that end, Tapestry Singers awards an annual cash gift to a local student who demonstrates outstanding musical skills, commitment and potential.

2023 Award Winners – Ava Nery and Matthew Long

Descriptions shared by their director, Emily Anderson

Ava Nery has been an outstanding contributor to the Lincolnaires from the first day of freshman year. For the past few years, I could even count on her to lead rehearsals for me when there was a sub. Ava’s strong vocal and personal presence in the choral program will be sorely missed, and I can’t wait to see what scientific and musical contributions she will make to the world! Ava will be attending Hobart and William Smith Colleges and is the 2023 Lincoln Academy salutatorian.

Matthew Long is one of those students who lives and breathes music. The amount of growth he has demonstrated throughout the last four years through sheer force of will and passion for the subject is staggering. I could always count on Matthew to put in extra time working, reflecting, and practicing for the benefit of the ensemble. The field of music education is lucky to have him! Matthew will be attending Gordon College and is the 2023 Lincoln Academy valedictorian.

2022 Award Winner – Alice Skiff

2022 Tapestry Singers Award winner Alice Skiff

Tapestry Singers is delighted to announce their 2022 annual $1000 student award to Lincoln Academy’s Alice Skiff. Alice is the daughter of Linda Skiff of Newcastle and James Skiff of Newcastle. She attended Great Salt Bay Community School and Lincoln Academy. She has participated in theater and dance productions and has always been a member of the school chorus. She will be attending the University of Maine at Farmington to study special education. She loves spending time with her friends and her faithful dog Rocky. She has been a member of the Lincoln Academy Choral Program for all 4 years of high school.

“When we went on our trip to New York City, Alice was always game for new adventures. Her effervescent personality lit up the tour bus. You could hear that cheery soprano speaking voice coming from a mile off,” said Beth Preston, retired L.A. choral director. According to Paula Schuster, tour chaperone, “I remember Alice buying a Lego kit for her brother at the Lego Store, which was so sweet! Alice is such a wonderful girl. I love chatting with her at Reny’s. I am thrilled that she is getting a special award.” Lincoln Academy Choral Director, Emily Anderson said, “Alice shows up every day ready to learn and is a shining example of what a member of the choir should be. Her musicianship and work ethic both in the rehearsal room or from home during remote learning are remarkable and she is always striving to improve and challenge herself.  We will miss Alice’s warm smile and friendly demeanor and look forward to seeing how she continues to celebrate the joy of music in future endeavors”.

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