In Honor Of…

Sandy Falconer

Tapestry Singers dedicates these holiday concerts, with deep gratitude, to the fond memory of Sandy Falconer, who directed the group for eight years, 2006-14. “Sandy grew up in a household steeped in music, and music was the great passion of his life.” (Obituary, Lincoln County News) It was clear to the group from day one that this skilled pediatrician and emergency room doctor loved not only music, but people. He directed, played in, and sang for a number of other groups in his lifetime. Tapestry is deeply thankful for the time he and his wife Judy spent with us.

Singer Franklin Holland wrote: Ten years ago, after many years of singing, I joined yet another chorus and found myself in the back row next to another bass whose name was Sandy Falconer. We hit it off right away and he suggested that I might come to the Christmas concert of a local group which he conducted. I did and I knew before it was over that I wanted to sing with Tapestry and for Sandy.

Jaja Martin, another singer, wrote: Sandy was one of the kindest people I’ve ever known. He was generous in sharing his musical talents, positive attitude and encouragement when a piece was difficult, or not going well. He will be missed tremendously.

Louise Belknap, who sang with Tapestry for many years, summed it up perfectly: Thank you, Sandy, for many fun Monday nights. Your love of music and of life was inspirational.

Beth Preston: Sandy was immersed in choral music before he and Judy moved to South Bristol. He brought his talents and vigor to rehearsals, both as a conductor and as a performer. We are so happy to dedicate this concert to his memory.